• MishlaOfStreamLandsPack

    I'm exhausted. I can't keep up, but every time I slow down, Allryna looks back at me and yips softly in encouragement. She's not allowed to help us or carry us, but she can motivate us. I shiver, fluffing out my fur for protection of the harsh wind.

    I look behind me to see Musllren stumbling after me, tripping over his own paws. I lope back to him. He looks up at me, a newly established glimmer of hope in his eyes. I lick his muzzle, and his tail gives a soft wag. I nudge him forward, then trot back ahead.

    Far ahead of us, I see the silhouettes of my pack lay down to rest in the shade. Allryna gives me a playful bark, before running to catch up with the pack. I remember what my leaderwolves and mother had told me. You are Stream Lands pack.


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