Kaala Smallteeth

Kaala Smallteeth is the main protagonist of the Wolf Chronicles. She is also the narrator for most of the trilogy.

Kaala Smallteeth

General Information

Species: Wolf-Dog (Canis Lupus/Canis Lupus familiaris)

Gender: Female


Pelt color: Varying from a light to dark gray Markings: A large crescent moon shape on her chest


Mother: Neesa

Father: Gaanin, a streckwolf (dog)

Siblings: Triell, a brother; Onna, Tannla, and Suuna, three sisters named for the plants outside their birthden, Several unnmaed streckwolf half-siblings

Aunt: Rissa

Grandfather: Azzuen I


The Swift River pack




Promise of the Wolves, Secrets of the Wolves, Spirit of The Wolves


Kaala was born of a mixed-blood litter, and was going to be killed along with the rest of her litter. Ruuqo had killed her siblings, and was about to kill Kaala when Franda and Jandru, Greatwolf mates, stepped in and told Ruuqo to spare her. Ruuqo grudgingly obliged, so Kaala was allowed to remain with the pack. Ruuqo did, however, banish her mother, so Rissa, Ruuqo's mate, took Kaala under her wing. While Kaala stayed with the pack, none but Ázzuen and Marra made a real effort to make her feel welcome.

Two pups of Rissa's most recent litter, Borlla and Unnan, tried to get Kaala banished from the pack or so unwelcome that she would leave. They despised her, and even tried to kill her. But over time, she learned they wouldn't change and knew she'd just have to put up with them, annoying as they were.


Kaala is extremely attracted to humans, when her pack takes her to visit the local tribe- Lin- she finds that she is drawn to them. So when she finds a half drowned human pup clinging to a rock in the water, she pulls it out and saves its life. She soon goes back and visits this human girl- called TaLi.

Before long, Ázzuen finds out. He goes with her on one trip, and meets another human, this one a boy. Ázzuen feels attracted to the boy, whose name is BreLan of the Lan tribe.